ANSWERED: How can you use a Smart Speaker with your Hydronic Heating?

Internal of Immergas Hydronic Heating Boiler

Smart Hydronic Heating – Connect your Smart Speaker to your Smart Nest Thermostat

This article aims to help you understand

  • What you need to have a Smart Hydronic Heating System
  • Current commands that work with Google Assistant and Google Nest
Thermal Image Showing Hydronic Radiator that needs a Service full of iron oxide gunk

We have been supplying and installing the Google Nest Thermostat since 2018 because of its user-friendly functionality, ability to be controlled by an excellent App and because it can teach clients how to run their system more efficiently.

The Google Nest Thermostat is designed specifically for European gas boilers and works with the Google Smart Speaker range (specifically with Google Assistant)

What you’ll need for a Smart Hydronic Heating System

Google Nest Thermostat

Google Smart Speaker

Google Assistant App

Nest Thermostat Google Assistant Commands List – Hydronic Heating

Hey Google, turn the heating on (or off)?
Hey Google, what’s the temperature?
Hey Google, make it warmer (or cooler)
Hey Google, set the temperature to [#] degrees
Hey Google, raise (or lower) the temperature [#] degrees
For more things you can say, visit the article about how to control smart home devices.

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