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Hydronic Radiator Panels


Panel heating is a hydronic heating system that incorporates radiator panels in each room of your home. It is the preferred heating method for those that desire the most comfortable, efficient and controllable home heating method. Hydronic heating systems do not blow air and dust around and are silent. They are efficient as they use energy to heat water which is a great conductor of heat energy. Each panel can be controlled ensuring every room is comfortable.

hydronic heating radiator panel diagram

What is Panel Heating?

Panel Heating is a type of hydronic heating system where water is heated to 70°C and pumped through a closed pipe circuit through a home. Each room in the home then has a radiator panel hung on the wall and connected to the pipe. The hot water heats the steel panel radiator which heats the room. Around 85% of the heat comes from radiant heat and 15% through convection. Modern hydronic radiators are designed to be both elegant and efficient. Steel radiator panels are manufactured with convector fins, welded directly to the waterways, increasing the effective heated surface area and thus giving a dramatic increase in the warm up speed and the general efficiency of the heating system.

Can they be installed in existing homes?

Radiator panels are a wonderful addition to any home – new or existing. They are widely used as the stand alone home heating method due to their effectiveness, comfort and efficiency. If you have an existing home we can come out and conduct a site visit to ensure that we can achieve your desired heating solution. Simply call us to book and appointment. When we come out our main concern is to be able to gain access to install the pipe work. This is usually done but crawling under the house when on stumps or through the ceiling and walls. If you are considering hydronic heating but in doubt of whether we can access appropriate installation points then please give us a call.

For existing homes radiator panels are the perfect solution. Installation takes approximately 2 days in most cases, less for smaller homes.

Is there a Selection of Panels?

There is a huge range of options when it comes to panel selection. If you are considering installing Hydronic Heating Radiators in your new or existing home come and visit us in our showroom. We supply, install and maintain many brands of radiators manufactured worldwide, with the majority coming from Italian companies such as Delonghi and Antrax. All brands ensure that both appearance and efficiency are an important part of the product design. Radiator panels are not only the most efficient method of heating your home, but also create wonderful features.

With a large range of radiator styles and sizes, DPP Hydronics can work with you to ensure that your home is enhanced by the radiators whilst you enjoy the beautiful heat hydronic heating provides.

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