Hydronic Boilers

The Hydronic Heating Boiler is the main part that makes up a hydronic heating system, as it greatly affects your future running costs. Today’s modern boilers are highly sophisticated using condensing and modulating technologies alongside a lot of onboard sensors to run your system as efficiently as possible.

Bosch Standard 30kW External

This is the Bosch standard efficiency boiler that produces 30kWs and is available for external install only.

Main Features

Gas Fired NG or LPG

Standard Efficiency 88.5%

30 kW Output

130MJ/h Input

External Only

2 Year Warranty | 10 Year Warranty on Heat Exchanger

5 Year Warranty with Magnetic Filter Purchase

Magnetic Filter Warranty Upgrade

Bosch Condensing Boiler 18kw & 30kW

This is the Bosch high-efficiency condensing boiler with two models that produce 18kWs or 30kWs respectively and is available internally and externally as standard.

Main Features

Gas Fired NG or LPG

High Efficiency – 98%

18kW or 30KW Output

75MJ/h or 130MJ/h Input

Internal or External

10 Year Warranty*


Bosch Combi Boiler

This is the Bosch Hot Water Combination boiler that is a high-efficiency model producing 37kWs of heating and a hot water flow rate of 21l/min at 25°C temp. rise.

Main Features

Gas Fired – With Domestic Hot Water NG or LPG

21 l/min @ 25C temp rise

High Efficiency – 98%

37kW Output

130MJ/h Heating, 160MJ/h Hot Water Input

Internal or External

10 Year Warranty*


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