What Does a Hydronic Heating System Cost?

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It is generally understood that a Hydronic heating system costs more than an equivalent ducted system and this is usually correct. Home owners choose hydronic heating due to the far superior comfort and energy efficiency that hydronic heating offers.

Superior Comfort

  • It is a silent system. The only indication that it is on, is that your room is nice a warm
  • It does not blow air. The nature of hydronic heating means that there is no air blowing around. It is the major reason allergy suffers choose it.

Things that may effect the cost of a hydronic heating system.

New or Existing Homes

Hydronic Panels and Floor Heating systems can be installed in both new and existing homes. However it usually does cost a little bit more in an existing home due to it taking longer to gain access to run pipework. In a new home we come in when the frame is still exposed and it is very easy to run the pipework.

Over all Heating Requirement

Another aspects which can affect the price is the heating requirement for a system. The most common heating boiler is rated at 30kW’s. If your heating requirement exceeds this then you will require a second boiler. If you are putting in both panels and floor heating then the water needs to be separated into two temperatures by using a partage control unit.

Preferred Options

There are always options such as high efficiency boilers, internet controlled thermostats, changing the panel colours.. there really are a lot of options to build a system that meets your heating and aesthetic needs.


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