Hydronic Heating Thermostats & Zone Controls

We have a range of thermostats and zone control options to suit all types of projects and tastes. From the most simple yet reliable through to the most modern, discrete and internet-connected, we have a thermostat for you.

Honeywell CM907 – Standard Inclusion

The Honeywell CM907 thermostat is the standard control offered with all of our quotes.

A Honeywell Product

Main Features

7 Day Programmable Room Thermostat

Modes: Auto, Manual, Holiday, Party


Continuous Display

Burner ‘ON’ Symbol

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Honeywell CM907 Thermostat

Google Nest 3rd Generation – Upgrade Option

The Google Nest 3rd Generation thermostat is an upgrade option that can be app & smart speaker controlled.

A Google Product

Main Features

App, Smart Speaker & Manual Contol

Available in Black, White, Stainless & Copper Ring


Home Away Assist

The system runs more Efficiently

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Ivar Cubodomo Ultra Discrete + Multizone System

The Cubodomo is an exclusive Thermostat that offers affordable and discreet multi zoning.

An Ivar Product

Main Features

Central Control Box Controlled by Smart Phone

Discreet Temperature Sensor Controlled

Most Affordable Multi-Zone Smart Phone Controlled System

Multizone for In Slab & Radiator Systems

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Zone Control Options

There are a variety of zone control options to suit a range of systems and client needs.

Types of Options

Separating Main Water Supply using a Partage Box

Slab Heating Control with Actuator Heads & Traditional Thermostats

Slab Heating Control with Actuator Heads & Temperature Sensors using a SmartPhone

Radiator Panel Control Using a SmartPhone

Discreet Option

Individual Wall Control Options

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