Hydronic Heat Emission Plate – Timber Joist, Hebel, Batton Heating

Hydronic Heat Emission Plate is an adaptive hydronic floor heating option. Most commonly it is used as an in floor heating option when the subfloor is constructed from timber joist. More recently we have successfully installed it on timber battons on Hebel Powerfloor or when the subfloor istn’t suitably constructed.

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What is Hydronic Heat Emission Plate?

Heat emission plate is an alluminium plate with 16mm pipe positioning grooves manufactured into its surface. Heat Emission Plate is installed along timber joist, or on 20mm battons for installation on Hebel Powerfloor.

The hydronic pipe work is laid within the groove of the heat emission panel and connected to a manifold in a similat manner to slab and screed heating only that our pipe runs are a bit more complicated. Because of the installation method it takes far more skill and time to install. Once installed and pressure tested the remaining flooring can be installed directly over it.

When in operation the floor heating thermostat will call for hot water from the boiler. A hydronic heating boiler will heat the water and pump it through the pipe at 50°C transferring its heat into the heat emission plate, this heat then radiates through the home.

Diagram Showing Heat Emission Plate Installation Measurements

How long does it take to heat?

Heat Emission Plate

It takes around 8 – 12 hours for heat emission plate to warm your home. It is designed to heat the space above it by transferring the heat energy in the water, across the plates and into the room above.

It is a set and forget system, in that it is turned on at the start of the cold season and off at the end. If you require more control over your heating and you have a timber joist floor then you would consider radiator panels instead

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