Renotec 10mm Hydronic Floor Heating

Renotec is the ideal floor heating solution for those conducting a major renovation on an existing home built on a slab. The Renotec pipe positioning board & pipe are only 10mm thick. Once a self-levelling compound is poured on top you can expect a total finished floor level increase of as little as 10mm which is what makes it ideal for existing home renovations.

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What is Renotec Hydronic Floor Heating?

Renotec Floor Heating is a hydronic system designed for use in existing homes where a minimal floor height change is necessary. We first install a 10mm thick pipe tracking sheet with a self-adhesive membrane and then install the 10mm pipe within the sheets. Self-levelling compound is then required to be poured over our system (by other), and your finished flooring choice goes over the top

Our multi-layered specialist pvc pipes are 10mm thick and installed 100mm apart in a snake-like fashion within the pipe positioning sheet.

When in operation the floor heating thermostat will call for hot water from the boiler. A hydronic heating boiler will heat the water and pump it through the pipe at 50°C transferring its heat into the self-levelling compound, this heat then radiates through the home similar to how a brick wall radiates heat after the sun goes down on a summers day.

Renotec Installation Diagram

How is Renotec Floor Heating installed?

Before our Renotec Floor Heating system is installed the original slab needs to be thoroughly cleaned and any heavy damage repaired. A primer needs to then be applied to ensure our Renotec sheets adhere to the floor with a strong bond as well as the self-levelling compound. *This preparation is not part of our works.

Once all Renotec sheets have been laid we can start installing the 10mm pipe and connecting them to the manifold. Once complete the system is filled with water, pressurised and checked for leaks.

Once it passes the pressure test the self-levelling compound can be applied.

Renotec Hydronic Floor Heating For Existing Homes

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How long does it take to heat up?

Renotec Floor Heating is much faster than in-slab heating and can be compared to how long radiator panels take to heat a home.

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