Electric Undertile Heating

Electric Under Tile Heating is a great way of heating your ensuites, bathrooms and powder rooms. Combined with a radiator system you’ll enjoy the most comfortable bathroom right through out the year.

What is Electric Undertile Heating?

Electric Undertile Heating provides a warm floor underfoot complimenting a hydronic system perfectly. The electric under tile heating mat is laid on top of your waterproofing and tiled directly over. Once operating it will heat your tiles which in turn radiate and heat your bathroom.

They are affordable to run due to being controlled by a programmable thermostat and only heating small spaces. For large in-floor heating you should consider in slab heating for a new home, or Renotec for an existing renovation.

Electric Tile Heating Mat Diagram

How is Electic Undertile Heating Installed?

An Electric undertile heat mat is a product that is made up of a thermostat, power cable, heat trace wire and sticky positioning mesh.

Electricity is used to power the heat trace wire which warms your tiles. We recommend a 10mm screed over the top to ensure the best performance as the screed acts as an ideal heat conductor for transferring the heat from the electric mat to your floor and room.

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Electric Tile Heating Install Diagram

Is it a DIY product?

Electric Heat Mat is very easy to install. Simply role it out ensuring that the main cable is beneath where you want the thermostat to be installed which is usually near the power point for access to mains power and for easy use.

We highly recommend a 10mm screed then be poured over the top. The screed will ensure you have a great heat conductor.

The positioning mesh can be cut as it is only there to make it easy to lay the heat trace wire which actually provides the heat. We supply a test kit with each mat so that if it is damaged during install you don’t find out after you’ve laid everything over the top of it. If the heat trace wire is cut then you will need to replace the product.

What does it cost to run?

While actual operating costs are going to vary greatly we can tell you that electric heat mat draws around 150W’s per square meter. The thermostat is also highly programmable with up to 6 segments for each day ensuring that it can be run as efficiently as possible.

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