dPP HYdronics offer customers the comfort of a free parts and labour repair service on the Bosch Domestic Condensing Boilers subject to the following terms and condition.

All Domestic Bosch Condensing boilers with a dPP Hydronics warranty offer customers the comfort of parts and labour repair service subject to the following terms and conditions.

During the period of the warranty, we will, at our option, repair or replace a boiler free of charge where it suffers a mechanical or an electrical breakdown as a result of defective workmanship or materials, subject to the following conditions and exclusions.

1. The boiler must have been installed and commissioned within 12 months of manufacture by dPP Hydronics in accordance with the guidelines in the installation and servicing booklet provided with the boiler.

2. A boiler must be installed with a Magnetic Filter which can be found as an upgrade option in your quotation.

3. The warranty will commence from the date of installation. Without proof of purchase ie an invoice the warranty will commence from the date of manufacture as detailed on the appliance data plate.

4. To qualify for the full warranty period the boiler must be registered within 30 days of installation.

Should these conditions not be met then only the Bosch Manufacturer Warranty will apply.

5. At the end of each 12 month period, the boiler must be serviced by dPP Hydronics.

Should this condition not be met the boiler warranty will lapse.

6. If the boiler suffers a mechanical or an electrical breakdown we should be contacted on 1300 303 471 in Business hours.

We will arrange for one of out technicians to inspect and repair, or where in our sole opinion repair is not economic, arrange to replace the boiler.

Please note: Technicians will only attend to boiler products where it is considered by the engineer that the installation does not pose a risk to health and safety.

7. The warranty does not apply:

a. If the boiler is removed from its place of installation without our prior consent.

b. To any defect, damage or breakdown caused by inadequate servicing of the boiler or by deliberate action, accident, misuse or third party interference including modification or an attempted repair which does not fully comply with industry standards.

c. To any defect, damage or breakdown caused by the design, installation and maintenance of the central heating system.

d. To de-scaling or other work required as a result of hard water scale deposits or from damage caused by aggressive water or sludge resulting from corrosion. Indications that such work may be required include a noisy boiler, cold spots on radiators, sludge in pipes and poor circulation of the central heating system.

e. If the claim/contact procedure set out in section 6 is not adhered to

f. To any other costs or expenses caused by or arising as a result of the breakdown of the boiler

g. To any blockage of the flue or condensate drain.

h. To any costs incurred during delays in fixing reported faults.

8. We reserve the right to charge a call-out fee where:

a. A fault cannot be found.

b. The breakdown or fault has been caused by an event, which is excluded from the warranty – refer to section 7.

c. Failure to cancel an agreed appointment prior to our engineers visit

d. The boiler is outside the period of warranty or the conditions of the warranty have not been met – refer to sections 3 & 4.

9. If we fit replacement parts or replace a boiler it will not extend the period of the warranty.

10. The warranty applies only where a Bosch boiler has been installed in a domestic dwelling in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia to provide heat and/or hot water to the central heating system.