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ANSWERED: How to Programme the Honeywell CM907 Thermostatic Control Unit

If you want to know how to use your Honeywell CM907 – Here’s a quick guide.

How to Use the Honeywell CM907 Thermostatic Control Unit

In this post we are going to show you how to Honeywell CM907 control unit. On the screen you’ll see the day and dat, the time and the current room temperature. If you press the i button you can see the temperature target. If we raise that above the temperature target manually a flame appears. A flame appears when the system is firing the boiler.

How to program the Honeywell CM907

Under the cover the main control switch is on the right. It has an off position, a manual position where it acts just as a thermostat, auto which will run by the program you set, the date setting function – To set the date we use the up and down arrows on the left and the green OK button.

Then you would set the month and the time.

Now with the correct date and time you can put it in the program position where you’ll see that there are six segments.

We are about to affect the first segment of Monday which is currently set at 5:20 to reach 30 degrees. We can reduce and increase the time if you want the system to come on at a different time. You can also change the temperate using the temperature up and down buttons on the right of the screen.

If you don’t want to program all 6 segments you can remove a segment by holding down the i button. To turn the segment back on, you also hold down the i button for a few seconds.

You would continue programming each segment in this way.

The copy day feature helps you quickly copy a whole program of say Monday to Tuesday, or the Saturday program to Sunday.

The rest button helps you set a number of days where you don’t require the system to function. If it is in this mode you’ll see the rest icon and when the it has finished it will default back to you normal program.

There is also a party button which enables you to set a temperature target for ‘x’ amount of hours. Ie if your system would usually turn off at 9pm as you get ready for bed, you could add 3 hours if you thought it’d be suitable to have the system maintaining a temperature until midnight.

There is also an away button which is similar to the rest button except that you are setting the date that you are returning. Clearly a great option if you are going on holiday with a known return date.

We recommend and use the Honeywell CM907 because it is very reliable and so easy to use.

If you have any questions please write them in the comments section so that we can help you and others with similar questions into the future.