What is a Hydronic Boiler Magnetic Filter and How does it Protect Your Investment

This article aims to help you understand

  • What a Hydronic Boiler Magnetic Filter is
  • How it Works
  • How it Protects your Boiler & Lengthens its Life
  • How it Reduces your Running Costs
  • How it is Serviced
Magna Clean Diagram Install

What is MagnaClean filter

A Hydronic Boiler Magnetic Filter is a piece of plumbing equipment that is attached to the returning water pipe of a Hydronic Heating System that captures harmful iron oxide particles. Capturing these particles means that they are not passing through your boiler, the pump and any hydronic radiator panels. Sludge in your system makes the boiler and pump have to work harder and this will shorten its working life.

How a Hydronic Boiler Magnetic Filter Improves Running Costs

Hydronic Radiator Thermal Image

Iron oxide sludge builds up within your hydronic heating panels will reduce the amount of heat energy output from your panels, which in turn means the boiler will have to run longer to raise the room temperature. The longer it runs the more energy it consumes and the higher your running costs.

The thermal image of the radiator panel is showing an inefficient panel. The blue area means it’s cold and should be hot. The only reason it is cold is that it will be full of sludge, the image should show an even orange over the whole panel.

A Hydronic Boiler Magnetic Filter reduces your running costs by ensuring it’s running at full efficiency with no sludge.

A Hydronic Boiler Magnetic Filter would have captured this, and during an annual service, the sludge will have been removed. While a magnetic filter will capture most sludge it won’t capture it all as some sludge will still collect in the panels, just far more slowly. This is why a system requires a power flush around every 5 years. If you are unsure whether your system is full of sludge we can do a temperature test during a hydronic heating service and let you know.


A magnetic filter can be installed on a new job or an existing system. If it is to be installed on an existing system that is a few years old a power flush may be necessary. A power flush is when we force water through your system which stirs up any sludge and then captures that sludge with our equipment which is made up of a huge magnetic filter.

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