Internal of Immergas Hydronic Heating Boiler

Why is a Hydronic Heating System Service so Important

This article aims to help you understand

  • Why a hydronic heating service is important
  • That it is a requirement of your Boiler Warranty
  • How it saves you on running costs
  • How it lengthens the life of your boiler
  • How it ensures the highest efficiency

System Service for $220*
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We all know a Service on our car is so that we can avoid any small problems becoming big expensive ones. A hydronic heating service is much the same in that it ensures no small issues become larger ones.

The Hydronic Heating Boiler is the engine of your hydronic heating system and the most expensive part to replace, so this is where a system service is focused.

Potential problems an annual service should prevent

  • The system not providing heat when winter arrives
  • System becoming inefficient
  • Increased running costs due to inefficiency
  • Ensuring Warranty Requirement
Thermal Image Showing Hydronic Radiator that needs a Service full of iron oxide gunk

Panel Heat Output Efficiency

Iron oxide sludge builds up within your hydronic heating panels will reduce the amount of heat energy output from your panels, which in turn means the boiler will have to run longer to raise the room temperature. The longer it runs the more energy it consumes and the higher your running costs.

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The thermal image of the radiator panel is showing an inefficient panel. The blue area means it’s cold and should be hot. The only reason it is cold is that it will be full of sludge, the image should show an even orange over the whole panel.

During a service, we check for cold spots and can report to you if your system becoming inefficient

The slush builds up in panels is removed with a power flush that should be done every 5 years.

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