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ANSWERED: How to Programme the Salus iT500 Internet Control Unit

If you want to know how to use your Salus iT500 – Here’s a quick guide.

salus it500 display showing

How to Use the Salus iT500 Internet Control Unit

In this article we’re going to demonstrate how to use the Salus iT500 Internet Controller.

Pressing the ‘display on’ button will display the current room temperature. To change the room temperature use the up and down arrow’s and the tick button to accept the change.

You’ll then see two flashing icons. One indicates that there is a signal being sent, and the other that the system is now firing.

salus it500 receiver unit

On the received you’ll see that there is a green light showing that it is connected to the Salus display, and the blue light indicates that it is receiving a signal.

Once your internet is working you can connect your Salus gateway to your modem. Plug the power in and the ethernet cable into the modem. It is a plug and play unit and will auto detect your Salus device.

To operate your Salus iT500 via the internet you first need to create an account with Salus. To register an account head to Google and search ‘register salus iT500’

Register with all of your details and then login to your new account with Salus.

Once you’re inside your account you can add your Salus device. Click the add device button. Enter your device id – which is found under the batteries of your display unit and add the device.

Now you can download the app from your app store. Search Salus and download the app. Login with your account details you used online.

As we’ve added the device online it already appears. You can also add is through the app.

salus it500 iphone app

Once your inside the app, you’ll see that there is an auto button which runs the system according to your schedual / program. An energy save button and an off button.

You can see the current room temperature, and to adjust it you can use the up and down buttons. Click the set button so that the app sends the request through the internet to your Salus controller.

The weekly detail button allows us to review and adjust the weekly heating schedual. Here you can program all days at once, each day individually or Weekdays and the Weekend as two groups.

To adjust each of the six periods simply select the time you want and the temperature that you want. The idea here is that period 1 would be the first change in the morning say when you are almost out of bed so the system has time to warm your house. Then you might lower it right down when you leave for the day using period 2. The next period would be to raise the temperature so that your house is nice and warm for when you return home.The 6th period would be the last change in the evening where we recommend you lower it down to save money on running costs.

For instance
Period 1: 6AM request 20 degrees would mean at 6AM the system will turn on to reach and maintain 20 degrees.

Period 2:830 request 14 degrees would mean after 830 the system won’t fire (costing your money) unless you house gets to a really cool 14.

Other periods would be set to meet your lifestyle. For instance 17 for when the kids come home and are still active, and a bit warmer from 7 until close to bedtime when you are less active in the home.

Period 6: 9PM request 14 degrees would mean at 9PM as bedtime draws near the system will not fire unless you house gets down to 14 degrees. This will save you in running costs – The system will fire back up the next day as you get ready for the next day.

If you have any questions please write them in the comments section so that we can help you and others with similar questions into the future.