Designer Radiator Panels

There is a huge range of designer radiator panels for your hydronic heating system. All panels can be painted to meet your taste’s and interior design so that they become a feature, or to blend in. Clients typically update panels that are in open living areas and entry ways.

We have many designer panels on display in our showroom.

Download Designer Panel Brochure

Things to Consider when Looking for a Designer Panel

  1. Choose a Design
  2. Know the kW’s required for the space
  3. Choose a Size that meets your kW requirement

Find the size & price sheet as a Downloadable Brochure within the View Details of a Design you are considering.

Contemporary Designer

Sectional Aluminium

Classic Multi Column

Traditional Cast Iron

Antrax – Series T

Antrax Logo

More than just a heater; a piece of furniture that integrates into spaces with great personality but doesn’t want to be the centre of attention. In terms of its main characteristics, this piece is basic, light and eclectic. With only an aluminium profile you can create “warm” configurations: individual and combined shelves, object holders, towel rails etc for the bathroom, entrance, hall, kitchen and living room.

Antrax – Flaps

Antrax Logo

Flaps is the new radiator by Antrax designed by Victor Vasilev. The idea behind this project came from observing the shapes and functioning of plate radiators. The ‘clean-cut’ shape of the radiator disappears when the accessory required to hook on a bathrobe or towel is added to it. Made entirely of recyclable aluminium affording high heating efficiency, it is distinguished by a 3 mm thick plate, interrupted by flaps which give the radiator its name and which are used as towel rails. Flaps is available in two widths and two heights and also in the electric version. It can be made in over 200 different colours.

Antrax – Blade

Antrax Logo

Blade, designed to solve the practical problem of fitting radiators into tall and narrow or low spaces,is a very functional product and at the same time a very elegant and fine radiator. Blade’s futuristic liqui-metal form draws inspiration equally from nature, science fiction and the compelling work of Italian artist Lucio Fontana, it has been designed in the same way as our Saturn & Moon, radiators to feature a gently curved front and softly rounded surfaces and edges throughout. Like Saturn & Moon, Blade appears to float off the wall and features hidden workings, controls and plumbing. Placed in a bathroom Blade becomes a practical towel warmer, thanks to the additional chromed bar.

Antrax – Saturn & Moon

Antrax Logo

Saturn & Moon. A highly sculptural piece of Zen minimalism that is calm, contemplative and relaxing. Saturn features a towel holder handle (Saturn’s ring). When the towel holder is removed from Moon, it fits perfectly into any environment. Saturn & Moon features a totally hidden system connection, which is also easily accessible, thanks to the special attachment that allows the radiator to be raised, offering immediate access to the valve and holder. The sphere-shaped surface of Saturn & Moon captures light from the environment and softens the borders of the radiator like the halos at the beginning and the end of the eclipse. Saturn & Moon radiators are perfect for any environment, including homes, hotels, restaurants, cafés, clubs and bars. They can be placed in corridors, airports, on board yachts and cruise ships, as well as in the tiniest bathrooms.